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 From Marc Banks to Tina Joyner - Equilla Banks Webb - Feb 22, 2010[Print]  

I have the Picture of Gadson standing alone and the picture of Leah and Papa George and her other two sons, I got the original from aunt Bill and made a copy and I gave Lynn a copy. I don't have a picture of Leah standing alone, I wonder where she got that picture? I think her name is Leary I have a copy of the 1900 Pulaski County Census page that lists her and great-grand pa Gadson and all the children. All the kids were born here except Anna she was born in South Carolina. He was born in 1854 in Aiken, SC or there abouts. I haven't been able to find anything else on him. Aunt Bill told me Leah or Leary is buried somewhere in an old cemetery behind some church in College Station.

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Claudean Stephens  January 2, 2013

I've done some additional recent research on Ancestry.com and found the following regarding the Corley-Banks family:
Leah and Gadson were married in 1875. Leah was born in 1860 and Gadson was born in 1856; both in South Carolina. Three of their children (Henry, Johnnie, and Anna) were born in South Carolina; while the rest were born in Little Rock, AR. I found that Luke Banks was born on May 8, 1888 and enlisted in WWI on 6-5-1917 (I found his, signed, draft registration  card on ancestry.com)
There are also two other children (F. Typhur Banks and Mattie Banks) that I'm still trying to locate further information on but so far no such luck. If anyone could help me out with this information, I'd be greatful!

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