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 Our Mission - Equilla Banks Webb - Feb 20, 2010[Print]  


To build a good life, you need a good foundation and knowing who you are is fundamental to that foundation.


I’ve written our history so that we will know who we are and the people we came from, their strengths, weaknesses, triumphs and failures – all of which teaches us how to live and thrive – so, that we can move forward as a family, as a people, and achieve our destiny.


When you just look at the raw data of birth, death, etc., it seems that Leah and Gadson were ordinary.  However, when you consider that they were once slaves and the obstacles they faced, you realize how really extraordinary they were just to have survived.  For that reason, I am determined to honor them by naming the website after them – Leah and Gadson Banks.  They lived through horrific times and suffered unimaginable indignities, yet they survived and thrived and produced a terrific family.


Their sacrifices were not in vain because we Banks are alive and well on planet earth and we owe it all to our creator and to those who’ve gone before us.  Dad (Ray Banks, Sr.) always said, “You don’t get where you are going by yourself, you are always standing on the shoulders of those who’ve gone before you and paved the way.”


For that reason, I’ve written our family history to say thanks to Leah and Gadson, their children and their grandchildren.  I’ve also written the history so that future generations will not have to reinvent the wheel.  They can build on our foundation.


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