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Lois Banks Goins - Posted September 18, 2012
I am the daughter of Estella and Willie Banks Sr. Looking forward to seeing everyone in July 2013. Much Love to all the family.
Claudean - Posted September 18, 2012
This is a wonderful site! Great idea to use Facebook. I searched for the page, but I found more than one Banks Family Reunion 2013 group or page. So, I'm not sure which one to choose. Is it the closed group page?
Ruby Gason - Posted August 28, 2012
Dear Banks Family, I am looking for Bill Banks address. I got to see her in July while in AR and have some pictures to send. Do we have a family directory? It's been awhile since I've logged on. Thanks.
Marcia (Faye) Banks (George) - Posted February 26, 2012
Get rid of diversions and focus on your next goal.
Ruby Gaston - Posted February 16, 2012
Thanks Equilla for another great newsletter.I hope to see you and other Banks family members in July.
Ruby Gaston - Posted February 16, 2012
For those who would like to attend the Quick Heirs family reunion: Dates July 19-22 2012, Hotel accommodations have been made with the LaQuinta Hotel $ Suites, 617 South Broadway, Little Rock, AR. 72201. Call 1-866-527-1498 0r 1-501-374-9000. Rates are $65.00 + tax nightly.The majority of Quick Heirs are also Banks, we are decendents of Deresia and John Banks.
Marcia Banks NYC, PA, to AR - Posted August 11, 2011
Equilla and Mia I think that you both are brilliant. No other website I have seen is comparable to this one. I stay on it for hours reading and trying to memorize our history. I remember Poppa George so clearly, when I was a little girl I used to always wait for him to come through our yard so that I could get a nickle or a stick if Juicy fruit gum from him. Our house was the one directly across from Aunt Bill's house. It's no longer there, but all of the reading got me to reminiscing.I plan to write a book one day about my growing up in College Station and Little Rock. Bill's mother whom we used to call GrandMo' used to bake ginger bread cupcakes and then open the door because she knew that I would come running. Too much to say, will write more later, better yet call me and anyone else who has my number-610 803 4887. In God's love your cousin Marcia Faye. PS:Call me tonight.
Ruby Gaston - Posted July 7, 2011
Dear Mia and Steve, We had a wonderful time in Atlanta, thank you for being a great host. Hope to see all of you in Little Rock in 2012.
Linda - Posted March 17, 2011
Hello Everyone,
I need some information. I'm having difficulty making reservations for the hotel. They say they don't have a reunion block for the Banks Family. Please someone advise!
Valerie Ann (Banks) (Seaphus) Tacker - Posted March 8, 2011
Daughter of Catherine (Tacker)(Seaphus)(Banks) Lewis. Granddaughter of Johnny (Banks)Tacker, greatgranddaugher of Deresia and John Banks
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