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Tony Banks-Shawnee,Kansas - Posted March 13, 2010
What an excellent idea! Thanks Equilla. I hope to post some photos soon. I feel so disconnected from the Banks side of my family, maybe because my father, Bob Banks, died so young in his life (32y/o) and mine life (6y/o). I moved away from Arkansas at age 18 and never returned. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make the Reunion in Atlanta in June. May we all meet someday...God Bless!
Tina Joyner (Banks) - Posted February 22, 2010
I love this site. Thanks, it's always nice to stay connected with family close and afar. Equilla thank you for this wonderful site. Tina
Ruby Gaston - Posted February 20, 2010
Equilla, thank you and what a marvelous idea for our family to get to know one another and then look forward to putting a face at our next reunion with names and messenges from this great web site.May God continue to bless and inspire you.
Rodney - Posted February 20, 2010
this is good i like this
Da'Vetta - Posted February 20, 2010
This is great, just what we needed, I'll spread the word for family members to join.
Mia - Posted February 9, 2010
Mom, this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
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