Minutes for 2013 Banks Family Reunion Committee

Gadson and Leah Banks Family Reunion 2013

Planning Committee Board Meeting August 11, 2012


I.         Prayer

The meeting was held at Kitchen Express Restaurant.  The following individuals were present:

Willie Calvin

Harry Banks

Bobby and Valarie Banks

Taneia Banks-Warren

LaShun Smith

Patricia Banks (Pat)

Da’Vetta Flowers (Lump)

Melinda Macon (Tutoo)

Eric Flowers (Junior)

Millicent McClinton


Harry Banks conducted the prayer and there was a brief introduction of new members. 


Old Business:


A.     Minutes were reviewed and approved without any changes.

B.     Committee updates:

Communications Committee - Pat Banks created the Banks Family Reunion 2013 facebook page. 


Finance Committee – Melinda Macon made suggestions of fundraising ideas (discussion has been tabled until next months meeting).


New Business:

The reunion dates will be July 5-7, 2013.  It was suggested that we will have two categories for fees per family ($25.00 for families who live out state and $50.00 for families who live in Arkansas). 


The Committee decided that the reunion will host a banquet on Friday evening and a Picnic on Saturday.  Valarie will try to locate a facility to host the banquet and the Picnic will be held at Valarie and Bobby’s home. 


There will also be a talent show “Banks Got Talent”.  Melinda will coordinate the events for the show.   Also there will be workshops at the reunion, Bobby will be conducting a Financial Awareness and Melinda will be conducting a health and fitness workshop. 


Pat Banks will create a Family Business Directory and Da’Vetta and Taneia will be responsible for the Reunion Program.  Bobby and Pat will contact hotels to get rates for families traveling from out of town.   Missie Bogard (not present but has volunteered) and Da’Vetta will conduct a PowerPoint presentation of the family genealogy and provide families members with a handout.  The colors for the reunion T-shirts was discussed and has been tabled for the next meeting in which Taniea will bring books and information about the cost of the shirts.  Bobby has a storage with lots of space and we can bring items to him that need to be stored.


Committee Task Holders - There was discussion about the Committees and it was emphasized that individuals could serve on more than one committee.  The following individuals volunteered to serve on the following committees:


Digital Communication Committee – LaShun Smith will create a Family Photo Book in which family members will send their photos to her and she will compile the book. 


Food Committee – Bobby, Valarie, Melinda Da’Vetta.  It was mentioned that other family members will also serve on this committee (Samp, Tony and Denise).


Decorating Committee – Taniea, Melinda and Millicent.




The meeting ended and the next meeting was scheduled for September 15, 2012 at 6:00, same location.